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Clothing for your yorkshire D´Matilbrago
Chompitas of fine hand-woven wool of different colors and three sizes 00-0-1-2
Clothing for your yorkshire 00-0-1-2
Chompita blondes with hand-woven with fine wool colors sizes 00-0-1-2
Ponchitos cocky for your fabric by hand, with your bow colors sizes 00-0-1-2

 Charming clothes for your Yorkie, variety of patterns and colors Sizes 0-1-2


Dressed in red and pink party sizes 0-1-2


Guise of abejita sizes 0-1-2


Smoking sizes 0-1-2


Polos Cotton Sizes 00-0-1-2


Coqueta Casaca all lined in corduroy inside, pink, brown, blue and red sizes 0-1-2

Casaca inside all lined jean sizes 0-1-2

Casaca thermal blue, red, pink and brown are all With his bow matching the color of the Casaca.

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