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D'Matilbrago Kennel welcomes you, we are a kennel dedicated to breeding the Yorkshire Terrier, since 2000. In the course of my entire life I have had pets, I acquired a special love for dogs in general, since I use memory, I fell in love with this breed Yorkshire Terrier, the first time I saw one. My first Yorkshire was Mitzi, she began to discover this wonderful race, every day that went by I became interested more for it, taking courses in parenting, genetics and canine hairdresser, I slowly realized I was not a hobby, but my vocation, it was then decided to leave the country in search of a new example, with the aim of improving this exciting race that is the Yorkshire Terrier, I chose Buenos Aires - Argentina, which was where I met my true unconditional companion YONI I OF THE Convivence "MALING.

Leaving the country helped me research and meet great friends who know of this race, I have learned to get the best results from crossing on the basis of the characteristics of each, my goal is to emphasize certain features in the race, with the experience I decided Kennel D'Matilbrago form in the memory of my beloved grandmother Matilde Gómez Bravo, a wonderful woman who loves nature and animals, in these years of work, we try to specialize only in the Yorkshire Terrier breed that breed in our kennel, so that anyone who purchases a puppy can take home a fine specimen, for this I am still studying and trying to perform this task with the utmost seriousness and responsibility, given that handling these living there have to be careful with health so that the puppy leaves our kennel is a joy for the new owner.

Each of the members of my family works for this to work, since my husband to my children and together we achieve this task with much effort and love for our pets that are surrounded by love and with all the care they need. I appreciate all the support and strength that gives me all my family to move forward with our breeding.


From now appreciate your visit and invite you to meet.




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