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Accessories for your Yorkshire Terrier
The Kennel D'Matilbrago, offers a wide range of products for your Yorkshire Terrier, for all ages Kennel conveyor boxes, toys, bedding, seasonal clothing, holiday clothing, variety of costumes and jewelry will also find toiletries, combs , brushes, shampoos, colonies of different fragrances, bows variety of colors and sizes, collars and leashes.
Layette for transporting your pet, you can secure the car safety belt, red, pink and blue.

Bed cradle for your Yorkshire Terrier, comes with its fund that protects the comforter is washable, red, pink and blue

Beds for your Yorkshire Terrier, the lining of his pillow comes with a zipper and inside pad with anti-allergic material
Layette to rest your Yorkshire Terrier stuffed animal comes with a quilt and so it can not foul the bottom of the cage is washable colors red, blue and pink
Crib for your Yorkshire Terrier comes with a washable quilt and a teddy, blue, red and pink
Educator puppies, taught to their needs in a particular place inside or outside the house
Dishes for your Yorkshire Terrier variety of patterns and colors
Retractable leash for walking - with secure fastening and red and black flashlight
Hooks for your conceited, automatic snap
Jewelry for your Yorkshire, has collar and bow.
Tie that matches the ribbon for your cocky
Red and black
Beautiful necklace, chain, and told where
You can record your name
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